Requirements to Manage a Remote Location


I’m in the process of setting up a multi-room Simple Control environment for a friend of mine. I’d like to be able to administer updates and changes to his configuration remotely from my home, as I’m pretty sure there are going to be issues to iron out.

I’ve purchased an Unlimited Simple Service subscription for him and setup his account. Reading through the section in the User Guide 5.5 on MultiHome, I understand he will require this subscription in order to invite me to manage his location and provide me with admin privileges, but what’s not clear to me is whether I also need to have the same subscription.

I purchased a subscription for 30 devices in an older app, so not an unlimited subscription in the current app.
Will I still be able to control his configuration and provide him with the support I’m looking for?

Many thanks
Dave C

Performing multihome editing requires Remote Management (in other words, the ability to switch locations and then edit that other location). There are many ways that can be enabled. One is to have an Unlimited sub from V5+. Another is to have purchased a Multihome License from V4 – which is still valid. Another is to have applied a software activation key at any time during the V4 or V5 cycle associated either with Simple System (V4) or Simple Control Pro (V5).

That’s distinguished from simply the ability to use the other location which actually requires no license at all. That’s just guest access.