RNG110 - No IP control?

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I have 2 devices that I own that don’t appear to be IP supportable by Roomie. The first one is a cable box - RNG110. However, I have a Comcast Android and iPhone app that allows me to control it. This makes me think that it SHOULD be controllable by Roomie. Any chance that this is added?

My second device is an Oppo Blue-ray. I have read that Oppo will be adding IP control this summer. Any word on the timing of that, and how long afterwards would it be available from Roomie?

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Hello schmidrj1960,
I have the comcast cable box also with my HT system and I always leave my box on. I intend to use it the same way with roomie.

Hi Blue…Meanie,

How will you change channels? IR? Since I have an app on my phone (provided by Comcast) to change channels, I would think that means that IP control should be available. Could be that the details aren’t published so Roomie can’t use it without reverse engineering…

We do anticipate looking into this. However, as with UVerse boxes, we expect an extreme level of reverse engineering to be required. The existence of an app, like the existence of an Ethernet port, does not imply the existence of IP control. Many examples abound of basically faux IP control. For instance, the TiVo 3 series has an app, but it doesn’t even talk to the unit. It talks to their website instead.

Many of the regular cable boxes don’t actually use IP control. They’re based on a Microsoft server platform like U-Verse that talks to a server rather than the box and the server has a limited way to relay communications to the box. It’s a huge hack.

We’re not sure yet which category the 110 falls into, but just know that an app is not always an indicator of real IP control.

The Oppo people indicated they’d release the protocol shortly after they release IP control. We may not wait for them to publish that if we can reverse it quickly. We wont know until it happens and we can analyze it.

@ Roomie,

Just curious if there is any update on this to be able to control the RNG110 (or any other Comcast set top) via IP control?

I am also interested in any update on the rng110. Thx

Hope to see this soon also! :slight_smile:

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