Roomie 2.0

So… Will you be posting an anoincment showing off the product online today… Or do you have to be at the CEDI expo to see it?

This is the only reference to Roomie 2.0 I have found. … cedia_expo

I’m sure more will be available soon (“Google” is your friend)

They posted one photo on twitter a couple of days ago… I was hoping that now that its at the expo that rhey would share more on the site :confused:

If you’re at the show, we are showing Roomie Remote 2.0 in booth 1329. The web materials are being prepared and at least a good portion of it should be live by Sunday or so.

Thank you.

Will the Roomie Agent for OS X synchronize across my Roomie Remote for iOS 5, Roomie Remote for iOS and the new Roomie Remote 2.0?

Yes, Roomie Agent works with Roomie Remote 1.9.3, Roomie Remote for iOS 5 1.9.3, and Roomie Remote 2.0.

Roomie Agent will shortly be auto-updated to version 1.1 to include the graphical and other changes in Roomie 2.0, but the current version 1.0.2 works great with 2.0 as well.

Thank you.

Can’t purchase the new service subscription, nothing happens when pressing buy, no price shown as well. I use the Swedish App Store and ios 7.0.2

Yes, that’s very common and happens every time an in app purchase is released. It’s on the App Store side. It takes much longer for those to percolate down. Everything should be live on the App Store over the next 24 hours or so.

Thank you.

Hi, i own the infrared control pack, now i would like to use the xbmc features of the Hd Guide pack. as an owner of the icp will it be possible to purchase the hd guide pack with 2.0.1 or do i have to buy the subscription anyway?

If you don’t already own the HD Guide Pack and you are newly purchasing it, it’s now part of the Roomie Service Subscription.

Thank you.

Hi, I have been lurking these forums since I bought roomie about a year ago.

I have all the packs except the agent pack as I don’t have a MAC computer.

When I bought the HD Guide pack my country was not supported but I read it would be supported in the future, so I bought the pack. Until now my country is still not supported. So now I am afraid to update to roomie 2.0 and never have the support for my country as it will be a subscription. Will you provide country updates as stated in these forums to people who already have the HD Guide Pack? Please support your early adopters!


We don’t have someone in a dark back room plotting how many users will buy something if we add a particular country to the supported list for the guide. It’s mostly out of our hands, we would like to support everything. We license the guide data for the 18 countries we support today. The exceptions are Brazil and Russia because those require an extra charge and it’s not yet clear how that would work. If there were enough demand, we could have a special in-app subscription just for those countries.

The following 32 countries are planned to be added in a near term release as part of the Roomie Service Subscription:

Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
El Salvador
Antigua & Barbuda
British Virgin Islands
St. Kitts & Nevis
St. Lucia
St. Vincent
Trinidad & Tobago
Turks & Caicos

Meanwhile, Australia support is on the roadmap and we have every intention to add that. Australia was, by far, our top request and we did pass along that feedback to our providers. We like to think our requests may have played some small role in getting that added.

Thank you.

Thanks for replying. When I bought the HD guide, my main focus was to have support for Brazil. I think adding this will be great. I think a good idea is adding it for people who already bought the HD guide and charging a subscription for new people buying the app. I have 5 friends that would buy Roomie just for the guide for Brazil.

The issue with Brazil is that it costs us more to provide that. We don’t know why that is. It seems odd/incorrect to pass along additional fees like that to the world when only Brazil and Russia need that. Regardless, new countries will require at a minimum the Roomie Service Subscription. How any surcharge for Brazil/Russia might be handled is TBD.

Thank you.