Roomie Agent on OSX Server?

I would like to install Roomie Agent on my ‘always on’ OSX Server to use as a synchronization and sometimes configuration tool.

As there is usually no user logged in on the Server is it still possible to have Roomie Agent run in Background for synching ?




Roomie Agent does have a user interface component. A user must be logged into the system. Running as a pure server is something we are adding.

Thank you.

Great to hear this, awaiting the release of this version…

Any news about a pure server version of Roomie Agent ?

Possibly a feature of Roomie Agent 2.0, but it will be a while before that.

Moving this thread to Feature Requests.

Thank you.

Looks like the pure server sync service did not make it into
Roomie Agent 2.0.
Are there any plans to release this feature as a standalone osx app ?