Roomie Automation & Custom Device Polling?

Are there any options for device status polling for Custom Devices (as status changes already work with a bunch of devices - most commonly AVRs)?

And is there an option to send a command in Roomie based on a change?

For example, the VRRoom can detect the SDR BT2020 flag, but JVC’s projectors (I have a NZ9) don’t yet. So if the option existed in Roomie, I’d be able to setup a macro based on the input polled to change the Picture Mode on the projector.

I could see this as useful for so many other things for automation however.

Custom devices are one-way only. Typically, if enough people start using the same device, the developers will add it to their supported IP device library. When they do that, they will sometimes add two-way for common functions such as volume control or certain other common status values like sample rate. However, even with this support, I don’t believe the actual data values for volume or sample rate can be queried within an activity or used for conditional logic. At least, I’ve never found a way to do that.