Roomie destroys the plist file I created for my devices

Just tried to go back and edit the RoomieCodes.plist file I meticulously created for two unsupported devices and discovered Roomie overwrote it with jumbled information which is formatted completely different. It says nothing in the documentation about this happening. It looks like I now need to go through the entire IR teaching process again for those two remotes?

First: do not delete that file. It’s actually not corrupt, it’s just fine. What happens is that iOS translates the file into a Mac OS X binary plist format once it digests the file. This can seem like the file is corrupt but actually it is just compressed in a sense. Getting it back to a text format would indeed however require a Mac OS X tool like Xcode as far as we are aware. To avoid this, keep the text version of your RoomieCodes file. To Roomie, both formats are equivalent and both are accepted. The binary version can be opened with BBEdit, Xcode, and pretty much anything else but probably only on Mac OS X.

Thanks for the reply. It’s a shame that I lost all of the codes I entered for two devices. Perhaps in a future update, you could add support for a separate “Add these devices” file which Roomie treats as read-only and merges with the existing RoomieCodes binary file after conversion. Just a suggestion.

If you don’t have the right tool and would like the file back in the original text format, go ahead and send your RoomieCodes file to support and we’ll return it back to you in the original format. Thank you.