Hi there, I finally have the serial driver tested and written for the Gefen 8x8 Matrix and seems to work really well (thanks to Roomie Support). I have one issue however I need to finish completing the rest of the commands for this driver as I had only inputted partial commands. Now when I go back to my RoomieCodes.Plist file in Dropbox, it opens up like a binary file. Part of it is gibbrish. Does Roomie encrypt the file in anyway when it’s uploaded to the app?

How can get it back to text format so that I can modify it?

Thank you for the great support!

What happens there is that iOS and Mac OS X prefer to store that file in a binary XML format. This format can be read by pretty much anything on those operating systems, but for simplicity we keep everything in the DDK in text format. Once you import something like a RoomieCodes file into Roomie and then re-export it back for instance to Dropbox, if it was ever changed by Roomie, you may find that it has been converted from the plain text XML format into the preferred Mac OS X/iOS binary XML format. If you use tools like Xcode, you would never even notice the difference.

In any case, the only way back if you need it in text format because for instance you want to edit it on Windows is to change it back to text format which requires opening it in a dual format text editor like for instance BBEdit and then saving it.

I’m using a MAC so I’ll use XCode. Thank you!