RS-232 and IR on one Itach Flex

Is it possible to do both RS-232 and IR on the same Itach Flex? One pair of connectors is unused by the DB9 connector.

If you mean pins on the Flex Link Serial Cable, no that cable is specifically for serial and connects directly to the port on the Flex.

Thank you.

It’s a fair question that might be worth clarifying in your Roomie parts store because Smarthome is misleading people that you can have serial and IR on the same Triport.

Watch their video. I certainly wish it did work like that!

PS: I have bought my iTach gear here, and will be buying more. Just mentioning it because it will generate support questions.

Yes, the Smarthome website is totally wrong.

iTach products are like bubble gum to a website like that. To be expected. Our consistent statements of “Please note that any iTach not purchased from the Roomie Store may not be compatible” hopefully also imply to users that any other website other than purporting to know about iTach products should be ignored as we see here again in this case.

Thank you.