Samsung Power On - Question

I was going to be getting a new TV and had a question regarding the setup for the Samsung tv. I was reading that the Samsung TV’s do not support power on via ethernet, but I was still a little unclear about the optional setups for power on. I can use the IR, but i’d rather not have that showing if not possible (although it’s not the end of the world).


The TV would be UN75ES9000F. I saw that I would have to use the serial connection–and the TV has an RS232 connection serial port. Can I just buy an ethernet to serial (IP2SL) and use a serial cable to connect that to the network? Is that the preferred method? Or would there be anything else that I should do?

If your model has a Samsung EX-Link connection then serial is definitely a viable option for Samsung TV control. Note that you will need a special serial cable for that with a 1/8 connector on the TV end such as the cable on this page: … F8&node=13

Thank you.

So to confirm…I can control the team samsung tv via Roomie (including power on) over Ethernet if I get the serial adapter (iTach Ethernet to Serial Adapter) and this cable ( … B004T9BBJC) right?

Yes. Make sure your Samsung has EX-Link as not all of them do.

At that point to be technical about the terminology, you’re not controlling it via “Ethernet”, you’re controlling it via Serial. You’re controlling the IP2SL via Ethernet.

Thank you.

I wanted to thank Roomie support for this recommendation - the WF2SL box and EX-Link cable worked perfectly with my clients Samsung TV for power on/off - it even gave a few other controls of the TV, which was nice.