Screen saver!

would be awesome.

Yeah integration with iPhoto slideshow perhaps

I am trying to develop a crude screen saver idea here. What if we used the URL command to show an HTML web based slide show in the Roomie Window? The first part appears to be do-able. Simply use a show URL command to pull up a webpage in the Roomie window, and use that command in the “upon exit” action in Roomie. In other words, when you ‘power off’ a room, the URL gets pulled up in the Roomie Window. I think this would work.

As for the URL, I am going to look for something like a web based slide show tied to a URL that shows pictures in full screen. Ideally, I could in theory create a ‘publish’ catalog in Lightroom to submit pics to this slideshow.

I am thinking out loud here. Trying to be creative. But its ashame to have an iPad on my wall that does does nothing during the time we are not watching AV, etc. I would love to show images during the down time.

Feel free to share your thoughts!

I have made significant progress with this idea for a photo screensaver to show within Roomie. It’s actually better than what I expected. Using Adobe Lightroom, I found a 3rd party Lightroom plugin app for $20 that allows you to take a photo collection you can define in Lightroom, create a self transitioning photo slideshow, and export that slideshow to an FTP server or network computer folder. Everything is fully customizable with respect to the time to show each image to the type of transitions, etc. So my slideshow displays full screen in a browser window with self-transitioning images. And its not flash - its HTML5 - so it works on the iPad.

With the slideshow exported and the index.html file created by this plugin, I simply call up that index.html page with the URL command in Roomie and select “show in Roomie”. This command is added as the last command to my “power off” activity.

BINGO! When I power off, I have on the left side of Roomie all the regular activities, but in the right browser window of Roomie I have a self transitioning slideshow as a “screen saver”. It’s awesome.

Anytime I want, I can go back to Lightroom and add or replace images to the slideshow and simply export the slideshow again.

This is the link for the Lightroom Plugin if anyone wants to try this. Of course you need to be a Lightroom user first. … ements_tab