Send "Pause" or "Mute" on incoming call?

I would very much like it if upon detecting an incoming phone call, Roomie could (optionally) send a “Pause” or “Mute” command to the current device before the call comes through. I find myself often hitting “Answer” then having to hit the Home button and switch back to Roomie to pause what I’m watching on the TiVo or DVD player. If Roomie could take care of that for me, it would be great!

We have looked into that before. There isn’t an official iOS API to do that, so it’s a bit of a minefield. It’s not clear we can detect the difference between “Roomie is closing” and “Roomie is closing because a call is coming in”. You would think this would be obvious, but you would surprisingly be wrong.

In any case, we will be spending more time on this.