Serial Control of Anthem recivers

Has anybody been able to successfully control Anthem DV2 via serial?

Hope you get a “yes” answer soon! I’m planning to do this shortly, once I get all my IP and IR stuff nailed down (which will be in the next week or so I think).

I was planning to wait for the sleeker serial device. Any reason you went with the bigger one?

I put this together for the Anthem D2V…

I sent it to Roomie hoping they would incorporate it into their device list and add feedback, but I don’t think they have. Although the commands are similar for the MRX and the D2V, they’re not the same and they need to be separated.


This is coming across as a binary file. Can you upload the text file (RoomieCodes.plist is usally just a text file)?


Okay, I’m have zero luck getting this working at all. I’m using the built-in Roomie serial commands, but I get nothing on the D2v.

What did you set the serial port to on the iTach? I have tried N,8,1,HW and N,8,2,HW and down to 4800, still nothing.

Does the internal command set work at all, or do I need custom command set to get anything going?


Also note, I had this working fine with my URC MSC-300 over serial, but I want to get rid of it which is why I’m trying to get Roomie working.

The built-in set is for the MRX series not D2V as noted here:

The user’s posted set is fine, you just need to remove the .txt extension. It’s a binary plist file.

However, there are a lot of commands that should be renamed in that set to generate the best Virtual Remote per the DDK.

Thank you.

Dumb question - is there any way to turn the binary plist into a text one? I have other stuff in my RoomieCodes.plist that I need to add this to. Unless there’s some other way to use both?

Converting a binary plist file to XML can be done on Mac OS with the following command line:

plutil -convert xml1 some_file.plist

The XML version of that command set cleaned up with the correct command names is attached. Note that this is a user command set, not a tested set.

Thank you.

This is working, but it’s not set up per the Roomie specs/expectations. I’ll tweak it this weekend and repost to this thread for anyone else that is interested.

Also, the volume feedback (and presumably mode feedback, and any other feedback) won’t work until there’s a Roomie volume type code for it, but I’m sure that will come in one of the next updates.

Let me know if you want me to include the set of feedback commands, with samples for the output formats?

Thanks again!

Thanks for cleaning up my original plist file with the correct command names. It was my first attempt at creating a custom device, so I’m sure I didn’t do everything right - although it was generally working for me. Any chance you’re able to get live feedback regarding what input is active and what the volume is?

I’ll try to download the cleaned up version tonight and see how it works.

To get live feedback you will likely need to turn ON the TXT Control in the RS-232 menu in the Anthem. Otherwise, the Anthem will NOT send back live feedback on its status via RS-232.

I downloaded the file and tried to use it and it didn’t work for me. I’m going to try and debug it.

For serial control, make sure to set the iTach to 115K, N, 8, 1, and make sure your Anthem is set the same way.

Although, mine just stopped working over the weekend. I haven’t had a chance to debug yet.

WHat about settings on a GC 100 ? Do the same settings as the ITACH apply?

Here’s a fairly comprehensive, working serial command set for the Anthem D1/2/2v and AVM20,30,40,50,50v series. If you all want to try this out feel free. It’s been expanded to add shortcuts to radio stations, shortcuts to pre-set volume levels, multicast mode for watching TV sources with FM Radio broadcasts. I’ve put in as placeholders custom names for various inputs too.


Have your programmers had a chance to finish up the format for the Anthem D2V/50V? I know I sent you a capture back in January and I think others have been communicating with you as well. We’re all hoping for an official format so that we can get feedback from our receivers regarding volume, selected input, current audio format, and as many other items you can address. I know the format is almost identical to the MRX series, but it is different by just a few characters.

Please take a look and add an official format so we can celebrate and have a complete, working remote with our Anthems. We’ll share our excitement on the AVS Forum where there’s a thread with over 40,000 posts regarding this receiver. I’m sure more Roomie sales would result.

Is there anything else we can do to get feedback via Roomie, or is it all in your hands? If you could allow us to create custom feedback formats on our own we could take it from there…

Thanks you.