Setting to turn TV guide off for specific activity

There are some activities where the program guide is not relevant. For example, I have an AppleTV activity. It would be good to have a switch in the activity setup that automatically hides the program guide when that activity starts.

Exactly such a setting already exists. Under the guide settings gear icon, tap the Guide Setup button at the top and then you’ll see a list of Activities to enable or disable the guide.

Presto! Thanks.

I have read all the posts regarding this question, but I am still unable to find the activity selection.

I do not control my stb with roomie. I use roomie for itunes, plex, and my denon receiver controls. I purchased the guide pack for itunes integration. When i run my plex activity i have the channel guide that pops up every time. The guide setup only allows me to select a provider and channel selection. I do not have any options for disabling activities.

The aspect mentioned by willsmoke is specific to version 1.6.1 and can be worked around. Basically the list of Activities wont show up unless at least one channel changing device is in the device list. If you need to, just add a fake device to bypass that issue for now and then delete it later. It’s fixed in 1.7.0.

Thanks for the quick reply. Your work around worked great. I look forward to 1.7