Shortcuts App Support

I’ve added some shortcuts from within the SimpleControl app, however, they do not show up as expected in the Shortcuts app for the purpose of building Macros. Is this expected behavior?

The way Shortcuts looks things up certainly could use improvement. It looks like there is a static list of Apple commands, and then there is anything donated from an app to the system (normally used to show Siri Suggestions).

To avoid clutter, we only donate Start and Stop Activity intents. So once you use one, you will see that in the suggestions list in Shortcuts. However, that leaves pause/unpause/mute/unmute unavailable in Shortcuts (AFAIK). Obviously, the solution to this is for Shortcuts to show the actual list of commands that is available to the system rather than have every app clutter the Suggestions list with every possible intent.

In any case, for now I’m drawing a rough line where I think mostly people will use activity Intents (which I know is factual based on analytics from Alexa) and thus only donating those to Suggestions.

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