Should I Upgrade My GC-100-12?

Hi, all. I’m transitioning from iRule, and I have a GC-100-12 module that controls two RS-232 devices in my theater room. When browsing the forums it seems that the firmware for this device needs to be version 3.0 to work with RoomieRemote. Is this correct? I believe someone said I can mail it back to the manufacturer to have the firmware upgraded (I think it was $30), or would I be better served using another device like the Flex system from Global Cache? Obviously, the latter option would be more expensive, but would it work better?

Any input and/or advice would be greatly appreciated.


Don’t have a real answer, but why not start by trying what you already have and see what it does.
I have the single port version, did not even look at the firmware and it worked fine. Who knows, perhaps it will work as it is.

I may end up doing that. I had just read when searching the forums that it required version 3.0. Do you remember when you purchased your unit? Mine is from 2007. I wonder if your unit has the newest firmware.

No clue about the age, I bought it used ages ago. Back then I think I used it with Irule and then threw it in a box. When I was testing Roomie I remembered having it and figured I might as well see if it worked,

Should be fairly simple to see if it works without too much effort. If it doesn’t work the choice is indeed tricky. If it was me, and the RS232 devices will still be around for a long time I would probably just get one of the new flex ones. If however the RS232 devices might be replaced sometime in the future I would probably just take whatever route is cheapest.

I have the same device and I am controlling two serial devices and 1 IR. Works just fine.

Thanks!!! I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, but I’ll report my results when I do.

I have the same one still using now issues on my end