Simple Control 5 Release!

This. I’d love the ability to utilize pre-existing HomeKit scenes within the SC5 environment. My theater and accompanying rooms have about 30 individual lights that are already in HomeKit scenes I routinely use (“Hey Siri” or press scene button within Apple’s Home iOS app). Having them automatically run when I start up an Activity would be fantastic.


I love the U/I and designs I have set up in Simple Control 4. I am current able to use these in Simple Control 5 via the “force legacy remote design” feature. Would greatly appreciate it if you could give users the option to continue to use these legacy designs even after you add customization functionality to the new U/I. The only function I am not able to use in the legacy design (which works fine in the new U/I) is the keyboard function for Apple TV.

Thank you.


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+1 for HomeKit Scenes! Would be awesome to be able to trigger HomeKit Scenes with Alexa voice control on my Sonos One. Would be even better once Sonos and Simple Control support Google Assistant :wink:

  1. Would be nice as other have stated to place custom buttons on the bottom bar.

  2. Will help to maybe just add surround sound buttons right by the volume buttons.

  3. Apple tv impementation is nice.

  4. Having a set of buttons grouped with a toggle between them (only one can be highlighted) for surround modes sould be cool. Basically a way to cohesively get feedback on the surround mode would be nice. I am on the trinnov altitude btw.

  5. Trinnov Altitude feedback for volume would be nice but not on your priority list i would suppose… just wishing out loud.