Single device alternate remote design based on activity?

Is there a way to create alternate remote designs for a given device based on the activity?

Take for example I haven an Apple TV, sometimes I want to have it feed directly to my TV and have it control certain functions on the TV like volume, mute, etc.

Other times, I want to feed it through my AVR and control the volume, mute, and see feedback from the AVR.

What is the best way to do this?

I thought I would create two activities with two different remote designs. But it seems that a device can only have one remote design. Because when I did a duplicate design, I only see the new duplicated remote in my choices, I don’t see the prior remote to select when I set up the TV controls.



Sure, you may use unlimited Remote Designs and do exactly what you propose. To start from scratch with a fresh Remote Design based on the Activity setup so far with the receiver, select ‘None’ from the existing Remote Design list.

Thank you.