When do you expect to add Sky+HD IP configuration, the box accepts commands for the sky+ app, so hopefully this should be possible.

Sky have now enabled ip control thought the Sky+ iPad app. The app allows full control of your recordings, change channel, pause, play ect…

How can we get this functionality in Roomie?

We’d be interesting in doing that. However, we suspect they have not published the new protocol yet and possibly have no plans to do so. That means fairly extensive reverse engineering will need to be performed, and most likely that is something that needs to be done on-site with a working system. (Which would be impossible from California for instance.)

Quite possibly waiting a few weeks, the hacker community will simply do exactly that and publish the details. In the absence of that, we’d need to figure out another way to get the protocol information either by talking to Sky (unlikely path as even if they wanted to give out the information, they very likely simply have not written it down which is a big impediment for a complex protocol) or finding a resource locally there capable of doing some fairly advanced protocol reverse engineering. If someone falls into the latter category (the first qualification there would be an intimate knowledge of WireShark) and has access to a Sky+HD system, contact support and we’ll see if we can work something out.

We have just received a lot of data on this, and of course it was all reverse engineered as it is not published. However, it looks highly compatible with Roomie as usual. If you’re interested in helping us develop this into a complete command set, please contact Looks like this will be able to take advantage of a lot of infrastructure we already just built for Sonos. We will probably need 2-3 beta testers with these boxes to make this a reality.

Hi, loving the look of roomie and it’s features! Network control of my Sky +HD boxes would be great and would def sway me to purchase roomie. I would gladly beta test it for you and provide feedback.

Hi, Just a quick update, I yesterday purchased the software + HD pack + IR pack and have just ordered 10 iTach units so just waiting on delivery. I’m now in a position to test the Sky integration with Roomie if you are still looking for beta testers?

A further update, Kit has now arrived and would love to give the IP controls a go as I am having issues with the IR command, in particular the STOP button.

See here - devices-and-codes-archives/sky-sat-hd-stop-button-t8716.html


My Sky HD+ box is on my network via ethernet cable, and the new iPad Sky+ app controls it perfectly.

Can I expect my Roomie to ‘find’ it and control it?


Would love to know the answer to this. Sky IP control would be great!

Any further movement on this?

We have partial data on this unit. To complete the effort we would need someone capable of WireShark captures on their local network using their box and app. Please contact support if you are familiar with WireShark and would be capable of that.

Anybody? Unfortunatly the help required is beyond me.


Hi, I’m just planning a new system and wondered if any could recommend the best protocol to control my Sky+HD box? I’m guessing IR would be the simplest, but RS232 may offer some feedback? Also, Sky have recently launched IP control, which I have read about in another forum post and use the iPad app myself, but I don’t believe it has been successfully integrated into Roomie yet (although I do have WireShark…).

Anyway, has anyone used RS232 successfully or does everyone just use IR?



Here is an experimental early command set for Sky+HD IP Control: …

To try this, import this RoomieCodes file via Dropbox, add your Sky + HD box via Manual IP on port 49153 and then select this command set at Media Player->Sky. Once we confirm these basic commands are working, we’ll move on to the guide and other commands.

Thanks Roomie, that command set works a treat! Looking forward to the development of the guide, planner and on demand services integration!

Works great for me as well, well done!


The basic commands (forward, pause, play, reverse, stop) all work great for me - how can we get more advanced commands (like entering a channel number, TV guide navigation etc) working?

Thanks again!

Good info here - … l/#more-81

There’s some more info here: … age/164595

Just tried the basics and they’re working for me. Happy to help anyway I can.