Small UI suggestions

These are a few things that I think are fairly easy that might be an improvement to the ui.

Add an option when long holding an activity to allow visiting the activity remote without activating the activity. Sometimes you need to turn something off etc and just need the remote. Currently have to go to devices and choose test which works but is the long way round.

In an activity allow long holding the activity name to re-activate the activity like it does in the main menu. Sometimes a command fails etc or there are multiple users and the remote gets out of sync and thinks it’s on that activity.

Allow naming the off commands in the confirmation prompt or just show the room/activity name in the prompt. Or allow a totally custom prompt. If there are shared Devices like hdmi switcher etc the power off can affect other rooms so on the system off a warning that everything is going off would be helpful.

A minor thing but the ui for the garage doors could be improved to show the status more clearly, maybe with two buttons for open and closed? Also the light sliders and on/off taps could be more intuitive.

Very excited about 5.5 coming out sometime soon!

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