Sonos search

hi are you going to be adding sonos search to your app , this is one of the main things mimissing I was also wondering if you have got anywhere with adding other music services ie napster (rhapsody) and spotify


I’m another user that would very much appreciate additional Sonos Services (Rhapsody, Amazon Cloud Player) as part of Roomie support for Sonos. Is this something that is “just work” (and I fully appreciate that you likely have a long long long list of “Just work” projects for Roomie) or is this something that Sonos makes hard?


It’s safe to say that Sonos makes everything hard by being ostensibly a closed system while allowing valid claims that they are open by virtue of the fact that they don’t make any explicit effort to make it impossible to integrate.

Regardless, at this point we have quite a bit of Sonos integration experience exceeding pretty much any other product in the world, so we have already researched all of these things. Some are easier than others. Our next focus for Sonos is probably Spotify. Amazon is feasible.

Thanks. I gather that, by it’s omission, Rhapsody is hard :frowning: