Sony BDP Registration

Not sure if this is due to an update to Roomie or Sony, but now I have to register my Roomie as a media remote. I go to the settings menu on my BDP and try to register Roomie and it asks me to press the registration on my media device. I have no registration option on any remotes. Any ideas?

This has always been true and always noted in the IP Compatibility list:

The only difference is that now we tell you about it in Roomie and tell you what to do. The Sony Media Remote app is what you need to register. From that point, the few aspects of control needing that will work fine with Roomie.

FWIW, I’m getting the “forbidden” message in 1.8, but a) it still works, and b) I had already registered in 1.7.

Do you have an older model? What is your exact model number? Anyway, it’s not a very important message so we took it out of 1.8.1.

BDP-S590. Cool.