Sony (NX720) - Power OFF

It appears my Sony (NX720) does not appear to support Power ON over IPTV… yet. However, does should I be able to Power this TV off using IPTV and Roomie. I just downloaded Roomie and the System Off/Power off commands are not working for me.

Same here thing but TV is EX720. Power toggle or Power off commands doesnt turn off TV.

This is as noted in the IP compatibility sheet. Sony TVs do not support Power via IP.

We list many models of TVs there that do support full IP control.

I have watch your compatibility list before i bought your app “Hardware does not support Power ON via IP” doesn’t say anything about Power off commands and Power on is not supported because it doesn’t support WOL but after its on it should understand BASIC commands.

Yes, after the TV is on, basic commands like the digits and cursor keys will work. Generally, given the power issue with Sony, you would first hook up infrared control.

Sony’s 2012 models (at least HX850) can be turned off via IP. So if u can get it on by HDMI CEC like old models (2011) you dont need to keep old remote on table anymore for turning devices off. You shoud put that in your compatibility list like you did with Panasonic VT50.