Specifying the order of camera feed display

I have 4 IP cameras. Is there a way to set the ordering of the cameras I see when I click on the “camera” icon in the home automation bar on the bottom of the screen?

On an iPhone, I have to scroll to see the last few cameras so I would like to be able to manually specify the order of the cameras.

Also, on my iPad Pro in landscape mode, the cameras are displayed in a 2 x n grid (2 cameras across, n rows down), but the second row, second position is blank. Is that a bug?

I see the following:

First Row: Camera1, Camera2

Second Row: Camera3, BLANK/empty area

Third Row: Camera4

This is non-optimal as I have to scroll to see the third row. Actually, for 3 hours I kept thinking something was wrong as I couldn’t see camera4, then I finally realized that the second row, blank area was not camera4 and figured out it was tucked away on the third row.

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