Support for Redeye IP2IR

Wondering if you would ever add support for the RedEye gateway? Basically another flavor of the Global Cache units you guys support. They’re going out of business, but the h/w that some of us already have still works and HTTP commands can be sent to it to control setups that are already in place.

Their unit is quite advanced in what it can do, and it would be a shame to have to scrap it…


While unlikely that we would make explicit efforts to be compatible with a product that has been discontinued, we are always interested in specific feature requests for Roomie that would be of interest to you and help you replace anything you used to use.

We suspect any requests we get related to replacing RedEye are items that may already be on our roadmap or will soon be enabled by some of the new features of the iTach Flex or the forthcoming Roomie Agent for Mac OS.

Thank you.