I’m having problems understanding how synchronization works. I have my home office A/V setup completely on my iPad mini. Works great. Wi-Fi synchronization is on. I would like this on my my other iPad. Roomie is installed and running on both, Wi-Fi synchronization is on. Nothing happens. Can’t see to get the configuration to the second iPad. Fine I bought the Roomie Agent for Mac OS X. Absolutely no change. Still no synchronization (and no additional backups as indicated in the FAQ). I’ve also backed up the mini to iTunes and tried to restore to the full iPad - unfortunately that doesn’t work either.


Both iPads ARE on WiFi and can talk to each other. Just no Roomie synchronization. Period. At this time I’m uninterested in using Dropbox. What am I missing?

Just hit “Reset Configuration” on the ‘other iPad’ and it will inherit whatever other Roomie configuration it finds first on your network. The Reset Agent button does the same thing in Roomie Agent.

Basically, when you first install Roomie, it creates a “home ID” for itself. Every install’s home ID is different. Until you tell Roomie that it should inherit some other configuration, it’s going to assume you’re independent and don’t want to borrow the configuration of whoever else is in your home.

Thank you.

Yep, that did it. Thanks.