Technical Question on Hard Button Remotes

We added Harmony integration in the latest beta. The current Activity synchronizes in both directions so that whether you start an activity from Roomie or Harmony, both will engage correctly. Keep your Activity names the same between the two. Just add your Harmony Hub via auto-discovery to the appropriate room in Roomie that corresponds to the room in which it is used and for which the Activities will match. From there, the synchronization is automatic.

There is also an .ACTIVITY START command to launch specific Harmony activities that you specify.

Beta is semi-public, but access requires contacting support if you have not previously been part of it.


This is awesome news. Thanks for the update Will. I’ll give it a try in the beta.

So I am in the beta and trying out the remote. Just bought the elite model and hub. I currently have an itach that I use for the IR components in this room. Is the integration process to remove the itach from simple control, install the hub, create the activities in the harmony remote and then sync with roomie remote? I am really excited to test this out, but realize that I need some direction before I go off breaking things.



I don’t know why you’d remove the iTach. The procedure is really just to make sure your Activities are named the same thing per my post 2 up. Certainly you could choose to use the Harmony as your IR transmitter though if you like, but removing the iTach only reduces your options.

Wow! This is great news. Thanks.

This is just great! Will join the beta. Is the integration intended to work for Express or just Elite?
I most need the up/down/left/right/enter cluster plus a few control functions and the microphone as opposed to the ability to launch activities from buttons. So Express would be the preferred choice.

No idea. It probably requires a Harmony Hub. The Express looks like an economy model. But it might work. Let us know in beta feedback.

I don’t have Harmony, but open to getting one. What is the feature set supported by this new integration? Is it bi-directional activity synchronization? Anything else? How does, say, a hard button volume command work? Does the command reach the intended device (say, my Denon AVR) from Harmony or does the Roomie integration act as a relay and the command comes from Roomie. I assume the prior, but was hoping for the former to avoid setting up duplicate activities beyond a “shell” activity in Harmony. Though I guess as I type this it seems like it probably isn’t logical that this could be achieved without duplicate activities (e.g. one in Roomie and corresponding one in Harmony).

Just installed the latest version with Harmony remote integration, wow it works great…RR is the best home automation app period !

Can’t get Roomie to auto discover the Harmony Hub. Tried factory resetting the remote. Any advice?

This is a feature I’ve certainly been waiting for. Definitely helps with the grandparents/parents when they come over.


I encountered some guy in support who had a crazy network with separate VLANs, etc and that caused discovery trouble. To the extent you have configured your network for wild and crazy things, lots of auto-discovery scenarios will have trouble. Discovery is based on multicast being entirely free and open between your iOS device and the target to be discovered, so you will need to ensure that for this and almost every other device.

So, looks like Harmony-Sync is out of Beta and working.
< V6.2 includes many new features such as Harmony Synchronization >
Thanks for the report that it is working nicely.
Also, thanks to Will and his team for making this happen.

I finally just upgraded my old Harmony-650 (IR based) to a Harmony-Elite and Hub. Maybe I’m ready to try all this [Simple-Control] … I mean Roomie again ?

Glad it’s working for you…have you tried bi directional as is if I press say watch dish in RR as a activity it dims my light via ISY and then activities harmony activity which sends IR codes to TV and sets the remote buttons to dish Setup…on the reverse if I press the watch dish activity button on my harmony remote it would be nice to see if it can start RR activity…this way it be bi directional…and RR can be used to control ISY devices…also opens up a huge list of devices that are compatible with RR

You mean “compatible with Harmony”. Our compatibility is a vast superset of theirs, so presumably the idea is you want to shoe horn us into their activity launches because they’re missing a bunch of stuff. That is something we could add.

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That will be great we (RR) can really make a difference due of lack of features in HR…and this will then put to bed the need for any hard button remote.

Further to my comment earlier, if you can map an individual button on harmony remote to execute a RR activity start as in activate when we “soft press” Harmony button, and stop deactivate RR activity when we do “hard Press” that would be an absolute Harmony killer and we can just use our harmony remote ( just as piece of hardware as requested in this forum as a hard button remote ) and use it with RR

I have been searching around but I am still confused as to how exactly Harmony integration works. I get that all one has to do is make sure the activities are named the same and it should just work. Ok. So how does it work exactly? If I initiate an activity from the Harmony remote does it run the activity commands from the Harmony or from Roomie? How are button presses like volume sent? Most of my devices are IP controlled and Harmony IP supports is not good. Would this integration allow me to use the Harmony without having to use it’s hub to send IR commands? I already have an iTach and my setup works flawlessly as is. The problem is when I have guests/roommates that don’t have iOS devices they have no way of controlling the system plus many people just want an actual remote to turn on the TV and do basic things.

We don’t magically make Harmony suddenly able to IP control something. So if your problem is “Harmony does not support IP control of X and Y”, then you will still have that problem and that is unsolvable at the individual button level.

  • When Roomie launches an Activity, the same Activity launches on the Harmony side, and Harmony will run whatever commands it thinks are necessary to accomplish that. Depending on your configuration, you may want to adjust which commands are sent on each side or the timing thereof.
  • When Harmony launches an Activity, it executes all of its commands as per usual and Roomie simply sets its current Activity to the same-named Activity thus avoiding any overlapping commands.

Buttons inside an Activity are unaffected and totally independent. Bi-directional Activity synchronization is the critical aspect/goal here.

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Hi, any luck in progressing further on this and if it can in can be in a future release ?

Does this mean that when an activity is initiated through Harmony, Roomie basically skips all the commands for that activity and just changes the state of that activity and make it active to stay in sync with Harmony?