Text Size Onkyo

The text size in the line text feedback box is really small, even on a full size iPad. I am programming a roomie solution for an elderly couple and the text size for Pandora Radio might be a problem. It would be great if we can resize the font. Even better would be an Onkyo/Integra Full Media Guide integration in the HD Guide Pack.

I vote for this as well. I have several clients that have complained about the text size, especially for things like Pandora and other NET service playlists.

Is there any way to adjust/hack the text size currently? Really need this asap!


The right way to do it to integrate it into the HD Guide and enable the scrolling functionality like in the Onkyo App.

Just curious if that is something that might be added to the HD Guide(possibly for an extra charge) or you don’t have any plans for it. It would give us a Sonos alternative.

This is a reasonable feature request. We haven’t chosen a solution yet, but we’re aware of it and it’s likely to get addressed before too long either by font size of a guide addition.

Thank you.

Please make it a scrolling list in the HD Guide. That is the only way to properly navigate large music collections. I have 3000 plus CDs and anything else is a giant PITA. I would gladly pay extra for this feature.

That’s great news! I vote for it being part of the HD Guide as well…