Thermostat control

Can roomie control any thermostats? I don’t see any supported.

The ISY and Insteon devices have some degree of thermostat control, so the way to approach it would be to send commands to a device like that from Roomie.

Thank you.

How about the Lutron Radio RA 2 Wireless Thermostat?

Anything in Lutron Radio RA 2 can be controlled from Roomie. It may not provide feedback if it is not a light or shade, etc., but you will be able to send it commands.

Thank you.

Please add support for feedback from the RadioRA 2 Thermostat. If that is not planned in the near future, can I modify the driver myself with your DDK? It only works on a Mac, right? I guess I would have to get a Mac, I can’t believe it. I feel all dirty.