Tighter integration with Roku

I’d love it if Roomie took it up a notch and really integrated deeper with devices like Roku. What I mean is that similar to the Guide feature, the Netflix channel would let me browse netflix on my phone before putting up a move; Spotify doing the same…

We do everything Roku provides access to and in some cases that’s more than their own app does with their own boxes.

Thus, anything we did like that would be completely outside the realm of Roku control. We could for example provide a Netflix guide, but there are 2 billion apps for that, and there’s no way then to integrate it back to the Roku – ala “play this movie on this box”.

Similarly, Roku does not provide a lot of other things like play position information, playback speed, or position set commands. We support that kind of thing with many other boxes when provided.

These essentially need to be feature requests for Roku and then we can add them to Roomie if they add something.

Thank you.