Time of Day Conditional Commands

Hi Guys,

not sure if this is implemented, if it is i have no idea how to do it.

Would like ability for time of day as a condition… specifically so my “welcome home” scene will only turn on lights if after a certain time of day. Ability for roomie to pull this info from the web would be great so it could be taken a step further and have it able to only action the lights if after sunset or before sunrise.

I mean I can always have Welcome Day & Welcome Night activities in the interim, but consolidating the buttons would be cool.

I guess further to that, ability for roomie to acknowledge that it is running and ‘if sunsets’ run activity X would be great.

Alarms already allow running Activities at a specified time. Is there a reason that wouldn’t perform the task?

Running Activities whether via Alarms or other can already depend on the Activity Mode as a condition.

Thank you.