Tv guide and noobie questions

I have a bunch of noobie questions

How do I get a tv guide to show up - do I have to link to an URL and if so how

I see no Comcast (Motorolla DVr or pace convertor box ) listed - I know the DVr has ip control as the Comcast app uses this - did I just miss it as I would think this is used in a biz zillion homes

When I went to add roomie to second idevice it made me pay again although I used same apple Id - at least I think it did how would I check as I don’t have easy acess to iTunes as I swapped computers and now can’t install on new work pc

I already had Samsung bd set up - will new roomie versions automatically add ip features or do I have to delete device and redo

Motorola boxes are all IR controlled:

The Comcast app is unrelated.

Yes, new features will automatically apply to existing devices.

Thanks somehow missed the set top boxes on first go around- I swear they did not show up…