TV Lifter IR control

Is it possible for Roomie to send an Infrared signal for a duration of 35 seconds. This would be the same as pressing the lifter remote button until the tv is all the way down.
My lifter operates on a one touch for up but not down.

Yes. Just “Add Repeat” to the command.

Hi Will
I know its a long time since you suggested “Add Repeat” to the command. I’v been living with my TV lifter not fully retracting but feel I now need to resolve the issue. I have used “Add Repeat” but irrespective of the number of milliseconds I set it to it only works for 17 seconds. I have tried 20,000 and 30,000 milliseconds with the same outcome. What else can I do to get the repeat function to work for 30 seconds.

Submit this properly via support so we can see exactly how you constructed your command.