U-verse wireless box control?

I have one of the new U-verse wireless cable boxes. It appears to be a Cisco box but it responds to the standard Motorola IR remote. I tried using a blaster and (surprise) it knocks the box off line (kills the wireless connection). So I tried an emitter and I can’t get the box to respond. I’ve moved the emitter around the front of the device and set it several inches back from the box. I’m thinking I just may not have the correct code set selected. Do you know which Motorola device I should select?

The command set for U-verse is usually Cisco: IPN and VPN (IPTV) Series: Set Top Box. Though it’s likely they use multiple boxes in the field, so there may be others that are appropriate for that.

Yes - that command set is working - thank you very much.
I do need to work on the remote layout a bit and the box is acting a bit crazy after it gets commands but I’ll work through it.