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I need some help with suggestions for controlling the following.
I am designing a basement with (5) samsung TV’s. I have a samsung 65" LED in the middle with (4) 32" LED’s around it. The center TV will be connected to a Denon AVR-1913 which will have a Direct TV box and a DVD player connected to it. The other TV’s will have their own DTV Boxes connected directly to them. I have (2) itach’s to IR for which i plan to have an emitter on each TV for control of each. The DTV boxes and the Denon & DVD will be controlled via IP or IR if needed.

The question is how to I control everything. Do I have an all on feature where it will power on all of the TV’s and DTV boxes and then how would i be able to control each independantly for channel?

Very confused.

I have multiple televisions and multiple boxes and have run into the same challenge. The roomie app recognizes each DTV box by its IP address which is nice but when it comes to adding them as activities is when it gets tough. There is no way to see which DTV box you are adding to the activity because it only lists the model number rather then model and IP address. I use a matrix switch to choose which devices are on a certain television. My list of activites is 10 deep to cover everything.
I think you would have to do everything for the samsungs via IR and utilize the inputs on the Itach devices to control your televisions. You would need two Itachs. I do not even know how you would differentiate the boxes unless they were all different model numbers. I was told that in future release they may add a notes piece that will allow you to differentiate multiple devices of the same manufacturer.

I am really shocked this hasn’t been requested more but I guess very few people other than business utilize more than 2 or so boxes to televisions.

I finally got mine working after working after hours of work. What I did was to unplug all boxes add one, add it as an activity, unplug it and add another and name that as activity, unplug both and add the third. Finally, it all worked. I really like their matrix switch integration… makes switching easy and might even allow for daisy chaining of matrix switches.

The solution is really nice and better than red eye so far but as with all software needs additional features and functionality as user requirements expand!

We have changed the lists in 1.6 to show more details so that distinguishing the devices is more clear in all locations. Of note for now is that the order of devices never changes, so the Room device list in edit mode which shows you the addresses is the same ordering you see everywhere else and you can thereby determine which device is which in all lists.

1.6 was released but I still don’t have the ability to “name” the 5 direct tv boxes. Any suggestions?

Per the prior message above, version 1.6 clarifies in all device lists which box is which. You should no longer have any confusion over which device you are adding to a room or which device you are sending a command to.

Clarifying with theb IP or mac address is ok but I was looking to make it easier for the end user such as being able to label the remotes like box 1, box 2, etc. being as they stay in the order as entered I can live with that for now,but the ability to specifically name would be great.

It sounds like you are using the “Show Remote” feature for the different DirecTV units. The Show Remote feature is primarily for diagnostic purposes and we would advise against using it for your every day DirecTV usage. The remotes used that way are modal (you can’t access other parts of the app while using them) and do not provide all feedback.

Using an Activity for each of your boxes not only resolves the naming issue as Activities can be named, but also provides all feedback and in a non-modal manner.