UPB Automation


I was glad to see more automation integration in the last release. My question is when would you be able to add support for UPB devices?

I exclusively use UPB in my house and it would be cool to be able to contol lights etc from the roomie remote in conjuntion with my Home Theatre equipment.

I would actually be open to discussing this as I am in the process of creating a custom UPB server to run my house. I have purchased an application to handle this but it does not do what I want and it is not robust.

We’re not familiar with that one. It sounds like that is a technology and not a product? In any case if you have something that responds to commands, we have a custom device DDK that should allow you to add such commands to Roomie here:


I completely agree with AndyRCA, it is great to see that you are adding home automation to the capability of Roomie.

Have you had time to look into adding HAI controller integration?


I too would like to see UPB lighting added to Roomie. Insteon doesn’t exactly have the best track record for quality or reliability and there needs to be other choices. Lutron is pretty high end stuff and out of the price range of many. Quite a few of us are using UPB and I can’t imagine it would be that tough considering there are already IP and serial controllers out there.