UPB Integration - Help needed with sending POST or GET commands

Howdy, I’m new to Roomie and have been very pleased with the level of integration and support.

With regards to lighting, I’ve been using UPB at home for lighting control for many years. I use a Web Mountain RUC-01 device, which, in addition to other functions, allows me to control my lighting using a iPhone App. Web Mountain does not support Roomie, but they provided the following POST and SEND commands, which are specific to my home equipment and a particular switch.

I’d like to get this working first, before adding more lights, etc.

I’ve reviewed the DDK and found that my knowledge of plist is lacking and needs to be refreshed. The DDK information also mentions that setting up a custom device can be easily handled in settings, without using the DDK. I’m hoping I can use the “Custom Device” feature in Settings without having to rely on the DDK.

I’ve found little documentation on now to configure a custom device, specifically regarding “codes”.

For my project, I assume my steps are the following:

  • Create a custom device, say the RUC-01. I assume that I need to provide the IP address for that device in the “codes” section
  • Create an activity (On/Off) for each “light” using the GET or POST commands (i.e. On/Off)

I’m hoping somebody can point me to documentation, or provide an example on how to configure a custom device to receive POST or GET commands, and associate activities

POST & GET Commands

Send Command Type POST


Data command=07041905FF20B8 to turn ON

command=07041905FF21B7 to turn OFF

Send Command Type GET

URL: http://192.168.2.xx/cgi-bin/cgi_upbtrans.cgi?command =07041905FF20B8 & port = 1 to turn on

No data

URL http://192.168.2.xx/cgi-bin/cgi_upbtrans.cgi?command=07041905FF21B7 & port = 1 to turn off

Thanks in Advance…