Updated 1.9 features

Hi Roomie,

Can you give us an idea of features that will be in update 1.9 and an approximate ETA of when we can expect update 1.9? thanks.

I would be interested in this information as well.

We’ve pre-announced numerous features already in these forums. These include the upcoming release of Roomie Agent for Mac OS.

One of the major efforts in 1.9 is something we have mentioned elsewhere in these forums which is the elimination of the device library and replacement with a dynamic device system. This eliminates any remaining library download issues, shrinks the footprint of the app considerably, and has all kinds of other benefits.

Something we are doing at the same time is integrating a major new update to our support for infrared devices including over 35,000 new codes. So you can imagine it takes a lot of coordination and testing trying to make sure that everybody’s configurations will translate to the new system cleanly.

Nevertheless, 1.9 can be classified in the pretty soon category at this point. There are other big surprises in it, but to be certain they make it to release, we’ll leave those until it is live.

Thank you.