Using iOS keyboard to input text?

I want to input text into a search box on the AT&T Uverse box via iOS’s native keyboard. The box Is controlled via infrared. On the remote I made a button to call up the keyboard, but when I type nothing displays in the search box. I thought this May be a limitation of the IR, so I tried it with my IP controlled TV and still no luck. Am I missing something? Using the on screen keyboard with a D-pad when you have a full qwerty at your fingertips seems arcane…



Keyboard control is almost exclusively an IP/Serial feature. There may be one or two boxes in history that allowed keyboard control via infrared, but it’s basically non-existent.

The Motorola Uverse boxes do not support keyboard control via infrared.

Thank you.

Does AppLe TV support keyboard input via the pseudo IP control via the iTunes method? How about Roku? (I am trying to decide which one to buy). Also, I have a 2013 Samsung TV hooked up via IR for Power On and IP to possibly use the keyboard to work with the Smart TV component. I have tried the keyboard with the IP Samsung but it does not seem to work. Do you know if keyboard input is supposed to work with 2013 Samsung TVs over IP control?

Apple TV does not. Roku does support full keyboard control via IP with Roomie.

Keyboard control with apps on Samsung TVs is spotty. It has nothing to do with Roomie. It has to do with whether the app you’re using allowed IP keyboard control on the TV.

Thank you.

What about using either a Sony or Samsung Blu-Ray player? Do either one of them support IOS keyboards to use with NetFlix, You Tube or any other app in these devices?

Yes, those are both listed here, that’s what “keyboard” means:

Again, remember that Roomie’s ability to output keyboard commands is dependent on whatever app you’re actually using on the device supporting a keyboard.

Thank you.