Using the new "Alarm" function

I have been trying to use the new alarm function to wake me up in the morning with mixed results since it’s introduction. I have been able to get the alarm to go off, and trigger the command. I was hoping you could comment on the suggested workflow in using this feature?

Does the iOS device have to remain on, by using the “Auto-Lock = Never”, in order to get the associated command to fire? (The audible part of the alarm has always went off, but the command has only fired once for me) Could the Roomie Agent for OS X fire the command if the iOS device is locked?

Should users disable the “Poll Dropbox” feature in order to mitigate the Alarm being set on multiple iOS devices? (I would like the alarm to just go off on one iOS device, if possible…)

Thanks again for a great product!

Yes, executing commands does currently require the app is running and iOS device is unlocked as per the message on screen when configuring the alarms.

The exception is that the alarm sound will still go off regardless of whether Roomie is running.

Poll Dropbox is not really relevant. Alarms are tied to Remote Designs. A typical use case is that a particular room has an idle state Remote Design configured on the System Off command. So “Bedroom” would have a “Bedroom Idle” Remote Design, that would have some wake up alarms configured in it, and only the iPad at bedside would normally be configured to use that Remote Design.

If you had some toggle commands you were using there, that could introduce issues because alarm commands are always executed so if you had multiple devices on that Remote Design, it could execute multiple times. Version 2.2.1 introduces the ability to base alarm execution on the state of Activity Toggles, whether they are on or off. That allows for instance a single Toggle Activity to represent “Shades”. You may then set an alarm to open shades (turn on Activity) at 9am and close shades at 6pm while skipping execution if either of those states were already the case at the time of the event.

Thank you.