Vera feedback

Is it possible to get feedback from Vera for display on Roomie (eg: device dim level, thermostat current temperature and set points) ? Thanks.

I would like to do the same thing… I’d also like to expand the request to include controls for common Vera components (i.e., thermostats) similar to those for feedback on IP controlled devices (i.e., volume).

I would really like to have that too


I’m very interested in this.

+1 Vera Lite



Aren’t there more +1’s than 6

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Thank you.


+1 I use multiple Veras for lighting, thermostats, weather info, irrigation etc. in three locations. This more complete integration would easily convince Vera users to move to Roomie.

I would also really enjoy this feature. It sounds like the Vera manifest (I assume device listing) and dimming support is coming soon. It would be even more cool if this was extended to also include two-way status.

The roomie model is great particularly for audio visual.

I too would greatly appreciate roomie extending its capability in the broader area of home automation (Vera user) as this is about to become a huge market for the DIY sector. Roomie is the ideal platform for the home automation enthusiasts.

Hope to see comprehensive support for the major home automation controllers in the near future.