Volume Dial Feedback from Marantz

Hey all,

Just downloaded v6 of Roomie. I’m running into an issue that wasn’t a problem in v5.5.
The volume dial feedback isn’t working for my Marantz SR6012. It is keeping me from setting volume.
Below is a link to a video of the issue. I emailed support but they are asking me to check configuration settings first. Documentation states Marantz receivers are port 23, which I confirmed.

Anybody else have this issue with v6? Pic below is v5.5 and v6.0 showing two different dial feedbacks.

The picture itself seems to explain the issue. You have not purged 5.X. Therefore they run simultaneously. Marantz only provides one port. Conflict ensues. Purge 5.X, disable background refresh for it as documented (or delete it if your sub is transferred). Otherwise volume feedback and numerous other things will work poorly or not at all. The only reason you think it “works” in V5 is because V5 was connected to it first and therefore owned the connection.