VPN Access

For users using Roomie outside of their home’s network outside via VPN, I have a suggestion to streamline the experience. Currently, users are prompted if they open Roomie when not connected to their home network.

Can Roomie prompt the user if they want to connect to VPN, and if “yes” enable the VPN setting, or simply link to the setting page?

I think this would improve the user experience instead of exiting the app, opening setting, and enabling VPN.

Hi amellovitz457,

I’m doing this right now with the Shortcuts app. I consider it a fairly usable workaround for a VPN that does not support Apple’s VPN On Demand feature. The just of the shortcut:

Get current IP address
–If address is in local range
----URL: prefs:root=General&path=VPN
----Open URL (toggle VPN on manually)
----Wait (for you to toggle VPN on)
–End If
Open Roomie Remote

Save it as a home screen icon and always use that icon to launch Roomie. Give it a try!


very helpful and creative workaround, thanks!