Wattbox 800 Series Control URL has changed

For those of you using a Wattbox to control your outlets, I found out the hardware that the control URL has changed with their newer firmware. For reference I am using a SnapAV Wattbox WB-800-IPVM-6 with firmware version

For example:
OLD URL: GET /control.cgi?outlet=2&command=1
NEW URL: GET /outlet/on?o=2

  1. Do you know if any boxes still exist that can’t update to the new firmware? If so we’d need to create a separate codeset.
  2. Do you have a link to this API change in some kind of documentation-like form? There are other commands, like power off, that presumably match that syntax change so it would be best to update this from a complete list.

It looks like there are 3 generations of Wattbox

  • The 400/600 series, which has not received the new firmware
  • The 300/700 series, which only the 300 series has received the new firmware so far
  • The 150/250/800 series, which all has the new firmware

I think it comes down to the integration with their OVRC cloud management portal. Since you can also control all the outlets via the cloud.

OK, but where is this new API documented?