What's coming next?

The Roomie team has been quiet for several months - this is usually a solid sign that something good is coming: Any hints on what we might expect in the next release?

You read signs well.

A few things we have announced here in random posts. Those include Foscam IP Camera and Belkin Insight switch support. Needless to say, those are way down the 2.1 feature list, but they’re on there. The major features are not yet announced primarily because a couple of them are not finalized as to whether they’ll make it and they’re exciting enough that we don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up if they didn’t make it.

One feature we’re able to announce for the 2.1 public feature list right now is Clock displays on the Virtual Remote and Alarms including time-based commands and Activities. We may post an early screenshot library at some point soon. Much more to come.

Thank you.


At risk of pushing my luck too far, any rough approximation on an ETA for 2.1?