When using HUB, allow additional Simple remotes to use older version of iOS

OK, I’m guessing that this won’t happen due to the changes required, but I figured I would ask as there are likely other people in the same boat as me. I have an older iphone that can run ios11 which I want to use as my Simple Hub, but I use older ipads as remotes. iPads seem to lose support for the latest version of ios faster than phones, so I was thinking that perhaps in the scenario when people use a device as a hub that older devices would be allowed to run a special version of Simple 5 that would just proxy data to the hub - removing homekit requirements and others allowing you to support older versions of IOS…

SC5 was such a dramatic improvement that it needed better system requirements. What we will return to in the usual Fall annual update is our 2 version cadence. So the Fall 18 release should support iOS 11 and 12. The Fall 19 release should support iOS 12 and 13. This year is a special case, perhaps an opportunity for users to catch up their devices a bit more than usual (iOS 11 also didn’t cut out a lot of devices), but as a general rule we should return to broader iOS support this year beginning with iOS 12.

For those who absolutely can’t upgrade their iOS devices now, you can of course just keep using 4.5 which has not changed the iOS versions it supports. It is still on the App Store though it will be removed very soon but that doesn’t stop it from working. Note though that Dropbox Backup will not work in that as of Feb 1 as previously announced here and flash-announced inside 4.5 multiple times over the last month. Also, any devices added over the last year and continuing such as newer Fire TVs, nVidia Shield, and many more are not supported there.

Now is the time to move to SC5. Better to plot the move to SC5 than concoct band-aid solutions for the short term.

Can I use 4.5 and 5 together? Essentially, can I use my old iPhone to run
5.0 and be a hub, and continue to use 4.5 on my old iPad? One of the
reasons that would make we want to do this is the simplified licensing for
SC5, including that I don’t have to buy a hub license (which I don’t own-
was too pricey for me)

To synchronize, make sure all devices are running the same version. However, if you ignore synchronization and don’t need the devices to talk to each other, then in principle you could have other devices running whatever version you’d like.


Please don’t remove v4.5 from App Store (in case we need to reinstall or setup another device).

For us will iPad-2 (and even iPhone-5) … we can’t get to iOS-11 (and therefore, no SimpleControl v5.x for us right now). Under the circumstances, I think we are happy running the old/stable v4.x release.

Please think about it. Maybe a small token or concession to us “early adopters” … some of us who probably even paid for a Simple Hub License and have a current Subscription (I know I do).

Anyone who ever purchased 4.5 can still download it and use it without issue by just going into their App Store purchase history. Removing it from the store has no impact on any users of it.

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