Which home automation hub is compatible

Im new in the Home Automation world but fell in love. I currently have my entertainment center setup perfectly and want to move on to the lights. Phillips Hue works out of the box but I wanted a more integrated and scalable solution so i began looking at the hubs below. My question is how do I know which Hubs that Roomie Remote supports?

Staples Connect Hub
ISY Series

I’m leaning towards the Staples Connect Hub, provided it supports conditional triggers (if, then, else), dimmable lighting and security features.

The ones best integrated today are the ISY99, Vera, and Indigo Server.

One to avoid in our opinion would be the Insteon Hub which is basically the same as the 2412n which is many years old, and missing several important features. We don’t know much about Houselinc but as a software solution we would suggest that Indigo is likely to be significantly more mature.

The Staples box we have not looked into. It’s likely one could get that running basic commands using the Roomie DDK, but for something already well integrated go with one of the 3 at top.

Thank you.

Hi, I have a vera 3 gateway that controls lights, thermostats, sensors and shades. I also have some scenes. Does roomie support all other devices controlled by vera besides lighting devices? Can I setup buttons to control my vera scenes and also integrate them with roomie macros? I.e. Start a macro that turns on the tv, close the shade, turns on the air conditioning and turns off the lights.



Roomie supports Vera scenes as well as lights and yes those can be controlled from buttons. In general, most other devices that don’t fall into those categories should also work though don’t provide feedback like other Vera items.

Thank you.