Wii/Wii U integration?

So i have not setup roomie yet, i purchased some of the software, going to buy an ipad mini to use it.

One thing I would like to ask or request, I have a wii u, and i understand it cannot be controlled.

My previous remote software though still identified it as a device since it does exist, and let you setup an activity for it, when you selected the activity a wii or wii u controller picture would show and a message over top would simply say please use your wii controller to control the system.

Now this was an especially nice touch because while it set everything to the right input, it also told my wife and kids who use the remote for everything and everything turns on and just works, that in this case they will need to use the console controller to turn it on and navigate. Especially since xbox and ps3 can be turned on fine.
IS their anything like that in roomie for wii or wii u users? Would you consider adding something simple like this? A picture of the controller and a message to use the controller mainly for kids and a wife who does not know much about this stuff when I am not at home.