XBMC Feature Requests


I would like to request the following features for roomie when controlling XBMC:

  1. Enable live tv channel change from the guide

  2. Show watched status of movies and tv shows in XBMC within roomie

  3. Ability to browse movies and tv shows by cover flow, season banners etc.

Apologies if these are already in the works.


+1 for #1 and #3 above.

If I can add to this list for the XBMC Guide:

  1. When you select a movie from the list it is highlighted blue and the Play Now button becomes active. It would be nice if there was also the ability to choose the resume function. This is especially useful for TV shows that get started and partially watched. The Play Now feature always restarts from the beginning.

  2. Currently when you select a movie (or tv show) from the list you have to unselect it before selecting a different title. It would be nice if you could change movie selections without having to deselect the previous title. When I select a different movie the Play Now button disappears and both movies are now selected. Presumably this is intended to improve the queue functionality but it adds a lot more button clicks to change titles - especially when you have 1000+ movies to scroll through to find the one you forgot to deselect!

Many thanks!