Xbmc .key down?

I’m trying to set up an XBMC action, but the commands available for XBMC are really limited.

I noticed the command .KEY DOWN and thought maybe that maybe it sends key presses (like XBMC Commander). I created a few buttons and put letters in Parameter 1 for keystrokes, but it doesn’t seem to work.

What are the .KEY DOWN and .KEY DEL commands for???

Is there any way to extend the commands available, as the set provided is pretty simple?
Is it possible to edit the existing configuration using the Roomie Device Development Kit?

We’re happy to send you the XBMC command set to edit at will if you’d like. Just email support.

Note that .KEY DOWN in XBMC requires the XBMC key format which is documented here under the SendKey() command:


Thanks for that!

What does the “.KEY DEL” command do?

In the XBMC set, the .KEY DELETE command sends 0xF108 as the key down value which is equivalent to ASCII 8 which is backspace.