XBMC Library - HD Guide Pack


I seem to recall Will mentioning here that the HD Guide Pack will eventually support the Movie and TV libraries of XBMC.

Is this functionality on the roadmap?

We’re trying to squeeze it into 2.0 along with a lot of other stuff. It’s probably too early to say it will definitely make it right now, but it has a healthy chance.

Thank you.

I really would love to see this feature added so I can get rid of my XBMC remote!

Actually the current version of Roomie has the bulk of the JSON command set programmed in already. So you can ditch the old remote! The main thing the HD Guide Pack functions would bring is the movie and tv lists so you could select specific content without navigating through the interface.

Soooo excited for this feature. After 4 years with MediaPortal, I have made the jump back to XBMC and am loving it.